Construction sector to build innovative culture

Mention the construction industry and some may think of hard hats and boots, but there are plans to encourage innovation by providing more training in areas such as virtual design and construction. This was one of the measures announced last night at the annual dinner of the Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL), whose members have together built more than 75 per cent of Singapore's buildings and infrastructure.

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India’s Exports May Benefit from U.S.-China Trade War

In U.S.-China trade war, U.S. exports to China have been subject to China’s retaliatory tariff sanctions, resulting in a decline in competitiveness. If India can seize the opportunity at this time, strengthen its exports to China and grasp the Chinese commodity market share after the withdrawal of the United States, it is expected to become the main beneficiary of this trade war.

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List of Business Permits and Licenses in the Philippines

People do business to make a living, serve their community, and pursue their dreams. It is good to hear a person who’s taking risk to start his or her business, whether small, medium or big. However, the process of starting and registering a business can be one of the most crucial stages of doing business. Getting the right permits and licenses should be done before running a business, otherwise, you may end up operating a business without a license, which can be punishable under certain business laws. That is why if you are an aspiring business person or entrepreneur, and if you want to conform with the government’s rules on establishing and legalizing a business, you have to be aware of the following list of business permits and licenses in the Philippines.

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